Last day at Elcom

Today was my last day at Elcom. This was my first job after moving to Sydney. Elcom is a fantastic company to work in. I had a great time and learned a lot from the team. Working at Elcom was fun. The team is very closely knitted. Guys are very technology focussed and help each other. Elcom had become a family to me. We went out to “pub-lunch” and later in the evening had a few drinks. Pawan, my close friend and our HR/Admin Manager gave a heart filled speech and handed me farewell card signed by team mates. Each and every word in the card reflects their love.

Yesterday I spend an hour with John Anstey, CEO and talked about the new directions Elcom wants to move in. At Elcom we have developed Community Manager(CM) – a world class enterprise content management system. Now John wants to move into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, develop Silverlight modules for CM and possibly start a Silverlight .Net User group. All the best John. A week back at Elcom, Craig Bailey has joined as new CTO. Craig brings with him his vast knowledge and experience on Microsoft Technologies. Boy, is Elcom thrilled to have him!!! Unfortunately for me for this time I didn’t have much time to work with him. But believe it or not the man has left a deep impression on me.

And for all Elcomites I could not thank you enough for your support and affection. I wish you all the best in your future endevours.


One Response to “Last day at Elcom”

  1. Vaibhav Goyal Says:

    All the best for your new venture and new job

    Happy Blogging !!!! hope to see new & interesting articles!!

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