Beacon IT Gold Coast Office

This week I got a chance to visit Beacon’s Gold Coast office. I was on BIDS 201 training. I didn’t mention before in my blogs, BIDS is a great Rapid Application developemnt tool. In short it allows to create full secure web application without writing a line of code. The whole appliation is ASP.Net 2.0 (C#) compliant. On top of that BIDS allows to integrate exisitng ASP.Net applications or Web Controls seemlessly in the code it generates. Wonderful tool. I met the System designer and other developers who developed it. Had a bit of discussion what the development strategy is and what the vision is for the product. The team is great.

We went out to a Japanese Tapinaki restaurant “Shogun” for a dinner. Some Asahi, local Japanese beer and lots of food. Great Stuff. Definitely on my agenda if I visit back again.

Friday I will be heading back to Sydney. Its been a great week. Lots of fun. A lot of training and above all a chance to meet the developement team.


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