IIS Web Service Extensions

Yesterday at work one of my colleques tried to publish a new asp.net application on windows 2003 server on IIS V6.0. The application was a plain ASP.Net 2.0 written in C#. Nothing fancy. To his amazement while the application worked fine locally it always displayed page not found on the server. He bagan troubleshooting and created a test html webpage which he can see on the browser. However still couldn’t see test.aspx.

He tried re-registering asp.net using aspnet_regiis.exe. Restarted the machine, but no still gets Page Not Found on aspx pages. Then he asked me if I have any ideas why this could be happening. I remembered how I once had the same issue while installing an asp.net application on a brand new windows 2003 server. I asked him to check his IIS Web service extensions. Turns out the asp.net was prohibited at web server. Here are the steps that are required to enable asp.net

  1. In IIS Manager, click the Web Service Extensions folder
  2. In the details pane, select the Web service extension that you want to enable, and then click Allow
  3. To see the properties of a Web service extension, select an extension, and then click Properties

Please see the image for more information.

Web Service Extensioins in IIS

Web Service Extensioins in IIS


2 Responses to “IIS Web Service Extensions”

  1. RVW Says:

    Thanks, this fixed my problem. Nailed it on the head :).

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for this post, my problem exactly, also.

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